• Pravanjan Mishra

    Chartered Accountant

    First articled assistant in the year 1990-91, CA Pravanjan Mishra is the first alumini of the firm with managing partner, CA R Sundararajan at his office in Bhubaneshwar-First Alumni.

    It has been a cherished meeting after a long time of more than two decades with CA Pravanjan Mishra. CA Pravanjan has always been active and continues with his other avenues presently.

  • Padmanabhan Mangal Rajan

    Alumni Mr Padmanabhan Mangal Rajan (left in the photo) is presently with GH Induction Pvt Ltd, handling information technology (IT) for the company.

  • Niveditha & Abhinaya

    Chartered Accountant

    Young and Vibrant CA Niveditha (left) and CA Abhinaya (right) were the brignt stars of the firm who became qualified CA in 2017.

    CA Niveditha is presently with a Multi National Company and CA Abhinaya is in audit team of Deloitte (Big four CA firm).

    Their contributions in professional facets of the firm including on the 25th anniversary celebrations were all remarkable.

  • Vignesh, Sanal Kumar & Sitaram

    Chartered Accountants

    CA Vignesh, Chief Financial Officer CA Sanal Kumar (also commencing an International school in his native titled ‘The International School of Thrissur’) and CA Sitaram (Hyderabad)

    In the same order from left to right in the photo-are remarkably talented to pursue their own courses post professional qualifications, after articleship in the firm. CA Sanal Kumar is CFO of Agni Group of Companies and CA Sitaram is in Independent CA Professional practice.