Why With Us

We inculcate leadership skills through Various Committees such as meeting, in-house & recreation.

Train our students in public speaking by organizing weekly meetings, Group discussions.

Encourage students to participate in conferences.

Staff Welfare Association of Sundararajan Associates (SWASA) is a unit dedicated for the promotion of Knowledge Base and Relationship Development of the Staff of the firm.

Staff Commitees
We have three committees for our Staffs.

In house

A committee formed to take care of the control and maintenance of our office especially dealing with maintaining files of clients, updating relevant records, innovative ideas to be unique etc.



A committee formed to provide platform to students to get out of their fear of public speaking which organizes two presenters for every week. It also develops the secretarial skills by organizing meetings and arranging for the special guest speakers.



A committee formed to instill organizing skills and also serve as a motivational tool. Trips are organized not only for refreshment but also to remove hindrances such as being introvert and developing a good etiquette.

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